1962 - Chicago The City To See


Chicago: The City To See in '63 (Margaret Conneely, 1962)

Original: 16mm., 1962, Color, Optical Sound, Found in Chicago Film Archives' Margaret Conneely Collection (http://www.chicagofilmarchives.org/co...)

A "city symphony" film, produced to encourage Photographic Society of America members to attend their 1963 conference in Chicago, City to See is a surprising film. It combines footage of Chicago with a deadpan commentary that pokes fun commercial travel films: "Chicago is my town," the narrator says wryly, "and no other town will do." Conneely was awarded a special prize by the Photographic Society of America for this film.

Margaret Conneely, an award winning and prolific amateur filmmaker, began making films when she joined a Chicago amateur film club in 1949. She shot and directed 16mm films at a time when most of the women of these clubs were less technically inclined and often delegated to the role of actress or slides manager. Her work is well crafted, clever and subtly subversive. One of her films, THE FAIRY PRINCESS (1956), was awarded a National Film Preservation Foundation (NFPF) preservation grant and the resulting elements will reside at CFA. Three others, including MISTER E have been restored through a preservation grant from the Women's Film Preservation Fund and Colorlab film laboratories.

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